TEDxYouth@Chennai 2011 Team

Mercy Roselin  

A final year student at Stella Maris College, Chennai, Mercy is also a philanthropist. After having working in various organizations as a social worker, today she dreams of heading one such organization one day. She has been avidly following TED since 2005 and has been greatly inspired by it. She was a part of TEDxYouth@Chennai 2010 as well.


Karthick Sundar is the licensee of TEDxYouth@Chennai. He is an Event Manager. The first thing that hits you when you see Karthick Sundar's CV is the number of fields he has experience in. Ranging from teaching fashion design to vendor management, he seems to have done it all. On the TEDx scene, Karthick is a regular, helping organize various TEDx events in the city year after year. His confidence, contagious enthusiasm to deliver and constant need to push the bar ensure that any project is taken a step further and limits and boundaries are constantly challenged.

Karthick Sundar

Sandeep is a professional with 9 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising. He passed out of MBA from Amrita School of Business and a PGDAM from the Madras Advertising Club. He is Blogger since 2006, live blogged various events such as Ideacamp, IAMAI events, Connect 2010 and Filmfare awards 2010, southern edition.

Sandeep Varma

A jovial and ever-smiling man, the TEDxYouth team could always count on Agni Sharman to lighten up the atmosphere! A first generation entrepreneur, he is the owner of Sharman's Cab Company. Quoting Agni, they work on a "wafer thin" profit margin but are able to sustain through sheer volume. What makes Sharman's Cab Company stand out is that the drivers own their respective cars and through their association with this company, become more empowered individuals. Agni Sharman also takes active interest in the community, lending his support to educational as well as social welfare initiatives


Syed Tajudeen is a freelance graphic designer who as done designs for various music shows and game studios. He has a vast ideology not only for design related to abstracts, but for products and interiors too. He is an active supporter of Product RED organization. And like many beings in the world, he is a vivid TED seeker also.

Syed Tajudeen

An IIT Madras student, Yashasvini is the epitome of focus among the youngsters of today. Having published articles from as tender an age as 6, she now is a consummate writer, with her work being published in leading newspapers and magazines. She is a much sought-after master of ceremonies at various events in the City including her contribution to TEDx Youth last year in organizing and co-compering the event. An extrovert, she enjoys life to the fullest.

Yashasvini Rajeshwar

An alumni of Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram, Chennai, Siddarth is currently doing his freshman year of Mechanical Engineering at Anna University. An avid cultural enthusiast and a budding philanthropist, he started a charity while still at school. A keen investor, his interest began with reselling IPL tickets and went on investing in the stock market at the age of 16



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