TEDxYouth@Chennai 2013 Stars

Vajresh Balaji    

VajreshBalaji is a student of Grade 11, who aspires to become a coding geek. He is the licensee and curator of TEDxKids@RSPuram and the Chief Knowledge Officer of Project DigiKnowledge. He is a blogger and blogs at www.vajresh.in He is also a learning beatboxer!


TEDxYouth@Chennai 2012 Stars

Mohit Kumar    

Mohit Kumar is the Founder and Editor-in-chief at 'The Hacker News' which is an Internationally recognized as a leading news source dedicated to promoting awareness for security experts and hackers with over approximately 61000+ Twitter followers and 67000++ Facebook Fans.The Hacker News was originally founded in November 2010 with the mission to make the internet more secure, more aware and more reliable. Mohit is Hard working Security Researcher & Analyst, with experience in various aspects of Information Security. Mohit is uniquely qualified with his ability to bridge the knowledge and common platform gap between the Underground Hackers, Security Researcher and law enforcement through his various projects. His all efforts are Supported and endorsed by administrators and members of various underground hacking groups, Security Researcher and communities worldwide, he has become a worldwide leader in information security and renowned Ethical Hacker. He is also Editor and Designer of The Hacker News (THN) monthly Magazine, one of the most comprehensive and informative collection of security, hacking, and innovative technological notions on the market today. His editorials always get people thinking and participating in the new and exciting world of cyber security. He is also the Founder of India's first Blackhat hackers conference, founded in July 2012 as 'The Hackers Conference'. He was covered on Digital and Print media many times for his Security talks, analyses at 'The Hacker News' & Infosec Trainings. Other than this : He is Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) , Web Developer, Designer, Blogger, Internet Activist, Strong supporter of Anonymous & Wikileaks.He has been interviewed by all major National and International Media agencies for taking sensitive news for public awareness to the masses.

Samvitha Ram    

Samvitha Ram is a student of Grade 12, at the American International School - Chennai. She has just successfully completed the Chennai Model United Nations, as the Secretary General and head of the administrative team. She is the Founder and Leader of ToyConnect, a Chennai based campaign of high school students conducting annual drives of gently used toys in Chennai schools. The ToyConnect Team uses these toys to set up toy libraries in Balwadis and elementary schools for the disadvantaged. A published writer and teacher, Samvitha has been involved with schools for the underprivileged in Chennai over the last four years.Her primary interest and commitment is to ‘Equity and Quality Education’ for the disadvantaged, and she has designed and developed curriculum and innovative learning materials and books on English Language learning for ESL (English as second language) students. She is currently conducting a research project in conjuction with the Hope Foundation Nursery and Primary School, using a series of children's books she authored to facilitate significant improvement in conversational English skills. The research is due to be completed in February 2013. A passionate journalist and writer, Samvitha frequently writes for the youth (NxG), city (Metro Plus) and education (Education Plus) supplements of The Hindu and has over thirty articles published in the newspaper on a range of topics.

Niranjan Amarnath    

Niranjan Amarnath is a senior voluntary activist with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, an affiliate of the largest animal rights organization in the world. He has been spearheading animal rights campaigns in Chennai for PETA India since 2004. He carries out many youth outreach activities for PETA’s youth arm, petaDisoom, at college festivals across Chennai and Puducherry. He helps the organization organize many theater-style demonstrations to help the public consider that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment. He has also worked with many celebrities with PETA such as Trisha Krishnan and Priya Anand to assist with the group’s ad campaigns and celebrity events. Amarnath has even interned with PETA’s team in Manila, Philippines assisting them with their campaigns for countries throughout Asia and the Pacific like Malaysia, China and Australia. Amarnath got his graduation from Loyola College and did his Masters in Human Resource Development Psychology from University of Madras. Presently he is a freelancer SEO content writer, now planning to move into the corporate world.

Mayuri Kamble    

Growing up in a 10x10 apartment with very little money, becoming an engineer was very little more than a distant dream for Mayuri Kamble. With the support from her family and money from dance recitals, she earned her way through her education. She soon began acting in theatre and travelled the country while completing her Engineering and becoming a software engineer by profession. She travelled to Europe and North America and her five year tenure at the firm saw her contributing significantly to their CSR initiative of supporting orphaned children. Wanting to make a change in the country, she quit her job full time to prepare for the Civil Services Examination (UPCS). Her inability to pass in the first attempt delivered a blow to her self esteem and confidence. It was then that she decided to start all over again and not give up. She cleared the preliminary stage and proved that success is the immediate successor of hard work. Today, she is working towards the next step.

Mowshimkka Renganathan    

Mowshimkka Renganathan is the Founder CEO of Bhojan Atews Foundation, an NGO that works for underprivileged children. At the age of 18, she started the social organization for orphans and children in all regards. Considered to be one of the youngest women to start a youth volunteer organization, she started a set of projects to develop the physical and mental well being of abandoned children. Project Newknickers provides underwear to children and teaches them about personal hygiene and the process of physical growth. Project One step ahead uses active based learning through role plays and workshops to teach the kids on various issues. The wish fairy project aims at fulfilling wishes of children below the poverty line suffering from terminally ill diseases. Currently impacting more than a few hundred children, her organization brings in volunteers from places like the University of Illinois, University of Strathclyde among others. She was given the title “yuva shri kala barathi” for her work by the yuva kendra and was also chosen as the “Student youth icon of the year 2012” by TEDx Coimbatore where she was a speaker. She is a girl with passion and vigor who believes that every child deserves to be as happy as the rest of the world.


TEDxYouth@Chennai 2011 Stars

Ashok Verghese    

Is one of the youngest education entrepreneurs who is making a great difference in this field in the country. He is the Director of the Hindustan group of Institutions, again one of the pioneering educational groups in the country. A mechanical engineer,he also holds a executive management certification from Michigan University Ann Harbour. He supports the cause of promoting young talent in art,music and sports.

Sameer Bharat Ram    

Sameer Bharat Ram is an entreprenur based in Chennai. He runs Brandmuni, an advertising and Brand consulting company.He also is the editor and publisher of A cinema,music and art magazine. Professionally,He has had stints in companies like Ogilvy and Mather and the Mahindra group and also has worked on brands like Cavinkare,Hidesign and a few national brands. His passion lies in building brands.


TEDxYouth@Chennai 2010 Stars

Nikila Srinivasan    

Nikila Srinivasan is a computer science engineer with a passion for writing and technology. Having completed her bachelors degree in engineering at Chennai, she is currently a graduate student at The George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs in Washington, DC. Studying Global Communication, she specializes in information technology and communication in international affairs. Nikila has been a professional writer since she was 15 and was a columnist for a national youth magazine for over four years.Her successful column was compiled into two books that have received great response. She also authored a book about the history of a universal temple in south India. Nikila was an active organizer of a national youth personality pageant, 'The Teen of the Year' for over five years, after she won the national title 'Teen of the Year 2003'. She has been instrumental in building a strong team of young organizers who continue to take the youth movement forward. Nikila holds the unique honour of being one of India's torchbearers during the Athens 2004 Olympic torch relay, an event that went down in world history as the first of its kind for the Olympics. She was one of the handful of civilians chosen for the honour. Nikila has been part of a vibrant, young magazine 'The Score Magazine', based in Chennai. She continues to stay on board the magazine as the Editor-in-Chief, working remotely. 'The Score Magazine', in print since 2007, has grown to become a niche music magazine that caters to the local music scene while incorporating diverse and global musical elements and has recently expanded to Bengaluru as well. Nikila is an avid reader, music enthusiast, and writer. She has been a speaker at the prestigious Fortune Global CEO Forum, representing the Indian youth and was also recognized by Google India as a finalist for their Women in Engineering award. She hopes to merge her love for technology, creativity and communication for a career in international development and management while pursuing her diverse interests.

Satish Sikka    

Satish Sikha -Couture fashion designer turned environmentalist is no ordinary man. He is a man with a clear mission who has branded a new sense of awareness among various sectors creating a hybrid of illusion among new environmentalist groups, fashion designers, models, actresses and schools. His unique mission encompasses children’s health and well-being with relation to environmental issues and global awareness. 

Satish was a successful high fashion couture designer who’s high profile couture store along with his couture line was among side those such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Eli Saab and Armani. In addition, his fine dining Indian fusion cuisine restaurant was rated no.1 in Toronto and went on to become an official partner for the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Inspired by his own health challenges he recognized awareness in his surroundings and the environment and left behind his successful high profile career to become an ambassador for global warming and educational awareness among this sector.

Satish emphasized the importance and significance that trees play in our life and how easily we take these for granted.  Furthermore, Satish stated that the aim is for every person to have one tree within 10ft distance  to where they sleep and that the tree should be of  the same age or older.

Other imperative and valuable realizations that have driven Satish to pursue a different lifestyle and that may aid you in realizing your reason on this earth and feel life is worth living are that monetary satisfaction is negative satisfaction because it is a never ending quest to obtain  satisfaction. Whereas, helping others and making a difference in their life is a real positive satisfaction that will fulfill you internally as a human being. Satish strongly believes that serving mankind is equal to serving God or a higher being and because of their innocence and purity and genuinely good heartedness children are a resemblance of God. 

To create awareness of how we together with our children can live a better and a healthy life, Satish commenced this project by sharing messages about Global warming. He begun this inspiring and significant journey from the Arctic Ocean – North Pole, showcasing in schools and inspiring children with the world’s longest eco hand woven silk fabric with messages from different dignitaries from around the world on individual one yard of fabrics collected in the last 2 years 9 months and  hand sewn all as one single long piece. The overall objective and purpose of this project is to create environmental awareness among children from around the world starting from the Arctic Ocean and culminating in the Antarctic Ocean