TEDxYouth@Chennai 2013 Speakers (Alphabetical Order)

Aishwarya Manivannan    

A trained artist and an interior designer, Aishwarya’s freelance practice have helped her embrace the many doors of opportunity that open with creativity. Her passion for creativity and teaching saw her become an ardent administrator of creativity in education, as she currently holds the position of the Head of the Visual Arts department at M.Ct.M International School. The recipient of various prestigious awards and accolades, Aishwarya also regularly conducts workshops and seminars on the use of art and creativity in different aspects of life. As a stickler for fitness, training and outdoor activities, she is an active member of the Chennai Trekking Club, learns Bharatnatyam as well as Silambam.

Archana Karry    

ArchanaKarry is a qualified Bharatanatyam dancer from the world renowned Kalakshetra. With more than fifteen years of experience as a moderator and trainer, she has presented many live performances in India and abroad. Putting her MBA to good use, she applies out-of-the-box concepts to dance, bringing this dance form alive by juxtaposing management concepts against traditional techniques. Archana believes that dance can act as a catalyst in developing peace and balance and this motivates her extensive work with children. Apart from her dancing achievements, Archana has a flair for languages.

Balaji Venkatramanan    

Like most middle-class boys, BalajiVenkataramanan completed his engineering, joined the IT bandwagon, went onsite and started paying EMIs. Then the bubble burst and Flat-Track Bullies happened. A native of Chennai, he’s mighty proud that he comes from the land of idli-sambar, Rajinikanth and the CSK. https://www.facebook.com/FlatTrackBullies

Blues Conscience    

Begun with the intent to promote the blues as a genre in today’s rock and metal dominated Indian music scene, Blues Conscience began its journey to rediscover and reintroduce the blues back in 2008. Blues Conscience’s founding members Aum Janakiram and Anek Ahuja were quick to recognize the dearth of blues in the live music scene in their hometown of the coastal South Indian city of Chennai, and roped in Naeil Smith on the drums, along with saxophone player Maarten Visser. They were joined by Siddharth Kumar on the keyboards shortly thereafter, completing the power quintet line-up. Blues Conscience have been lauded for their refreshingly original style and cheeky lyrical work with songs like Kamasutra, Shaggin’ Ma Dog, and Obama receiving high praise from music aficionados, the press, and laymen alike. The band, in 2012, brought on board L.A.-based guitar virtuoso and producer Ed Degenaro to work on “Down and Dirty”—the official Blues Conscience album with 14 original songs and collaborations features some amazing blues musicians.

Hemalatha Venkatraman    

HemalathaVenkatraman is an up and coming poet and a blogger whose blog is listed as one of the top blogs in India. She is a final year architecture student, who was the editor for her school and college magazines and currently- a freelance writer. Having been a national gymnast and athlete for much of her life, writing has slowly evolved from being a mere hobby. She focuses on women and chauvinism as predominant subjects of her writing and pursues spoken word poetry seriously. She wants to be a published author and is working on her first book.

Khairani Barokka    

Khairani Barokka is a writer, performer, artist, educator, and advocate/researcher of inclusive arts for people of all abilities, who's performed spoken word and performance art in the US, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and India, and is an artist with disability herself. Among her residencies, she was Emerging Writers Festival 2013’s inaugural International Writer-In-Residence (AUS), and was Indonesia’s first writer-in-residence at Vermont Studio Center. She has a masters from NYU’s ITP, as a Tisch Departmental Fellow. Published in the States, Australia, Southeast Asia and the UAE, she’s been profiled in media internationally, and works worldwide with partners on the arts and disability culture. CV at www.khairanibarokka.com // @mailbykite.

Krishnakumar Balasubramanian    

KK is the Artistic Director of The Little Theatre. He has scripted, directed and acted in critically & commercially successful musicals like "Gapsaa - Fully Loaded", "Atita - into the Unknown" and Christmas Pantomimes like 'The Free musketeers'. His shows are especially known for innovative use of technology and high octane stunt sequences. At 26, he was voted as one of the '37 Indians of tomorrow’ by ‘India Today’ in December 2012 giving him the title ‘Theatre Technocrat’. He played the lead role in the Tamil feature film 'Kaadhalaagi' in 2010. As a member of the Global Shapers Community, he was invited to be a panellist ("South Asia’s Children - Skilling the Youth") at the World Economic Forum on India 2012.

Malvika Iyer    

MalvikaIyer is a bomb blast survivor, social worker, Doctoral Researcher and a Junior Research Fellow at Madras School of Social Work. She is an alumnus of St. Stephen's College, Delhi and Delhi School of Social Work and has worked extensively with differently-abled children. A state topper in class 10th in 2004, she is a recipient of a number of awards for meritorious performance and has worked on various research projects over the years. She writes poetry and enjoys dancing.

Riddhima Yadav    

A young voice to reckon with, Riddhima first started speaking about global issues as a 10 year old. This 18-year-old is a 2013 Teri Leadearth Fellow and Climate Policy Coordinator with the Indian youth Climate Network. She has travelled the world as the voice of India’s student community with regard to environmental concerns and has campaigned extensively in India and abroad for these issues. Speaking from a firm belief that that young people are vital stakeholders in the developmental dialogue, she is an active member in various youth organizations that work towards a shared goal. Riddhima is an avid equestrienne and is currently working on a course to impart climate leadership training to rural students using unique pedagogical tools.

AP Shreethar    

AP Shreethar is a multi-faceted self-taught artist. He has had a maverick career dabbling with painting, film direction, writing and TV production. He has acted in a popular TV series as well. He has been associated with legends like K Balachander and Bharathiraja. His notable painting series is on the Mont Blanc and has done numerous Painting exhibitions, International Art Fair, and Art Camps.


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