Thank you – Part 3

Yashasvini Rajeshwar   November 24th, 2010

Here is the hatrick post of this series. This one is dedicated to the faces behind our look, our team spirit and the way in which we made sure every attendee at TEDxYouth@Chennai was registered, given a badge and escorted to the auditorium with minimal hassle. Basically, this blog is about Revmakx, Somu Sundar and Adhavan.

Revmakx is a three member team consisting of Vinod David, Amrith and Yuvraj. While Vinodh is the business maker, Amrith works with the designs and Yuvraj is the official developer. TEDxYouth@Chennai‘s banners, posters and any other visual material was all thanks to these young men and their help!

Somu Sundar, who most often answers to the call of ‘Somuuu!!!’, is the one with the witty comebacks and quick reflexes. For our event, he was the behind-the-scenes pillar, helping with live streaming, hospitality for the speakers and entertainment for the audience. On D-Day, Somu was the one person everyone in need of some help could turn to.

Adhavan Rajadurai is the marketing head at infySEC and has been instrumental in the successful completion of about 30 national and international programs. For Saturday, he reached out to various city colleges to invite their students and staff to help ensure that TEDxYouth@Chennai benefited as many people as it could. Also, if you were able to pick up your ticket without a fuss, it is Adhavan you have to thank!

TEDxYouth@Chennai was not only about those of us who got on stage and were seen on the outside. We could not have put up such a great show if it wasn’t for the rock solid support we received from people like the Revmakx team, Somu and Adhavan. They represent the foundation behind TEDxYouth@Chennai.

Adhavan (extreme left) and his team working at the registration desk

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