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Thank you – Part 1

Yashasvini Rajeshwar   November 23rd, 2010

Samuel Eddy and Kiruba Shankar - the mentors behind the show!

Now that TEDxYouth@Chennai is behind us, there are a lot of people to thank. As cliched and diplomatic as it may sound, the event just would not have been the same without them. The team meetings, the atmosphere, the efficiency with which the entire event happened would not been possible without the guiding forces that all of us had in the form of Kiruba Shankar and Samuel Eddy. Kiruba is the CEO of Business Blogging which is deep into social media. Though he was flying in and out of the city constantly, his words of wisdom and advise through midnight emailing helped us all keep the spirit up and make decisions faster. Eddy is currently working for a shipping company, was a planter at some point and is, of course, the life of the party. Our once-weekly then almost-daily meetings would not be the same if it wasn’t for Eddy’s jokes, his sense of humour and his esay going spirit. Especially for us in the students team, the confidence he had in us was instrumental in us believing in ourselves and putting on the show that we did.

This post would be incomplete if I didn’t mention our licensee holder Karthick Sundar (an activist, designer and philantropist), the man behind TEDxYouth@Chennai’s e-persona Sandeep Varma (also from Business Blogging) and the T of our TED, Vinod Senthil (an ethical hacker with infysec). Karthick’s midnight phone calls, constant messaging and frequent emailing definitely paid off and he was the man we all turned to when we hit a blind end. Somehow, the answers never ceased to come! Sandeep is the quiet yet hyper efficient one on the team. While the rest of us bring the roof down during meetings, his voice is hardly ever heard. Yet, any improvement that needs to be made on the website, or any bloggers/tweeters that we needed to rope in for the event, Sandeep would take only minutes to figure it all out. All feedback that our website ( was user-friendly and informative is all his. Vinod is the other pillar of strength to the team. Starting from mikes arrangements to ticket sales and technical doubts, he is the one we turn to.

Everyone had a part to play to make this event a success. A great team often has great leaders up front. These, ladies and gentlemen, were our leaders!

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