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Thank You – Part 2

Yashasvini Rajeshwar   November 23rd, 2010

As selfish as this may sound, my second blog post of this series is going to be dedicated to all of us – the student team of TEDxYouth@Chennai.

TED talks have created a brand for themselves and it is a known fact that everyone connected TED(x) talks are beneficiaries of the trickle down effect and their own brand value raises up a notch. Being students from the city’s schools and colleges, a few of us had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be associated with a brand like TED and experienced people behind the Chennai team very early in our professional lives. Truth be told, our professional lives haven’t even started officially yet! So this blog post is dedicated to us and to the work we put in, the experience we gained and the memories we gathered.

As the students wing of the organizing team, we learnt a lot – both by doing as well as by merely looking and listening. The others made us feel our opinions mattered and we had an equal say in helping finalize speakers. We were given a free reign to learn the skills necessary to organize an event of this scale. We were allowed the space to explore the avenues available to us and we were given the confidence that lest anything go wrong, we always have guidance behind us. Whenever we were in need of a word of motivation, we got a paragraph, sometimes even an essay!

The core members of the students team must be mentioned or I would not be doing credit to this post. Ladies and gentlemen, here is presenting Pratik Bothra, Lakshiya Reddy, Vishruth Venkat, Nitin Jayakrishnan, Vignesh Raju, Shreya Murali and me, Yashasvini Rajeshwar. Each one of us did our bit. Each one of us put in our 200% and our phone bills will be able to prove it to you, thanks to the late night conference calls! Each one of us will carry back tales to tell and friendships that we picked up along the way.

Special mention to Nitin’s confidence on stage and the ease with performed as my co-compere, Shreya’s constant willingness to get in touch with the right people to make sure the event went off smoothly (she was responsible for ensuring accommodation for the speakers) , Pratik’s silent and wholehearted helpfulness, Lakshiya’s tireless efforts to make sure TEDxYouth@Chennai benefits the most people, Vishruth’s attention to detail and meticulous following up which made us all keep moving and Vignesh’s efficient management of the technology on D-day and the presence of mind with which he handled any issues he was faced with.

Personally, it was great working with you guys and as a team, I think we are taking a lot away from this experience and this exposure. TEDxYouth@Chennai isn’t going to be something we will forget very soon.

The 'youth' at TEDxYouth@Chennai 2010

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