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TEDxYouth @Chennai – STAR – Satish Sikha

karthick sundar   November 17th, 2010

Satish Sikha, a simple man with a not so simple mission. A mission that will not only benefit the
planet, but the entire mankind. An Endeavour to save the planet, takes him all across the world
from the North Pole to the south with a kilometer long silk fabric, longest in the world, with ‘Go
Green’ messages from all over the planet, from important dignitaries, who join hands with him
in this noble task.

He is a man with a heart, a man who gave up his flourishing career as a couture designer
alongside great names like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Eli Saab, Armani or as a hotelier or a
cinematic veteran to save this planet.

Inspired by his own health shortcomings, he wanted to spread awareness as to the importance
of a green healthy planet. His aim is to ensure that every human being has at least one tree
flourishing within 10 ft. radar of his abode. Realizing the importance of life, the superficiality of
material things, he strongly believes that service to mankind is the only path to salvation. One
must dedicatedly serve god and believing children are the reflection of god himself; Satish has
thus dedicated his life to Creating environmental awareness among children from around the
world from Arctic Ocean to Antarctica Ocean.

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