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TEDxYouth @Chennai >> STARS Line-up >> Nikila Srinivasan

karthick sundar   November 18th, 2010


Nikila Srinivasan is a computer science engineer with a passion for writing and technology. Having completed her bachelors degree in engineering at Chennai, she is currently a graduate student at The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs in Washington, DC. Studying Global Communication, she specializes in information technology and communication in international affairs. Nikila has been a professional writer since she was 15 and was a columnist for a national youth magazine for over four years.Her successful column was compiled into two books that have received great response. She also authored a book about the history of a universal temple in south India. Nikila was an active organizer of a national youth personality pageant, ‘The Teen of the Year’ for over five years, after she won the national title ‘Teen of the Year 2003′. She has been instrumental in building a strong team of young organizers who continue to take the youth movement forward.

Nikila holds the unique honour of being one of India’s torchbearers during the Athens 2004 Olympic torch relay, an event that went down in world history as the first of its kind for the Olympics. She was one of the handful of civilians chosen for the honour. Nikila has been part of a vibrant, young magazine ‘The Score Magazine’, based in Chennai. She continues to stay on board the magazine as the Editor-in-Chief, working remotely. ‘The Score Magazine’, in print since 2007, has grown to become a niche music magazine that caters to the local music scene while incorporating diverse and global musical elements and has recently expanded to Bengaluru as well. Nikila is an avid reader, music enthusiast, and writer. She has been a speaker at the prestigious Fortune Global CEO Forum, representing the Indian youth and was also recognized by Google India as a finalist for their Women in Engineering award. She hopes to merge her love for technology, creativity and communication for a career in international development and management while pursuing her diverse interests.

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