11 Days to go for TEDxYouth@Chennai

admin   November 5th, 2012

11 Days to go for TEDxYouth@Chennai event. Do mark your calendar as the countdown begins.

TEDxYouth@Chennai is one of the TEDxYouthDay events happening all around the world on November 17th. The events are designed to empower and inspire young people.

3 Years in a row, this time the event is going to be bigger with young inspiring speakers from various domains. The speakers are young at heart who follow their passion in their respective lives & fields. They are unique in their own way, be it in social work, entrepreneurship or entertainment.

With a cheerful, vibrant team to back up, TEDxYouth@Chennai licensee Karthick Sundar is gearing up for the D-day. The constant running & meeting with different people is common scenario nowadays, be it in IIT Madras, CCD or Karthick’s own abode with a welcome smile from Manisha. As we, the organizing members share the bites from chocolate cake or chips during our head jammed meet, the process unknowingly has helped us to work as a determined team to make it happen well. Signing off with finger crossed.

ShaswatiBasu Sengupta


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